Sometimes blessings are handed to you, literally, on a plate. 

Today I went to a birthday dinner with a friend and her grandparents. I felt a little out of place at first, the only brown hijabi in a group of hearty white folks. And at first I was a little uncomfortable, afraid I’d feel like an outcast.

But by God, this elderly couple, Cecile and Tom, completely melted my heart and nearly brought me to tears, welcoming me with open arms. Not 30 minutes into the dinner, Cecile asked me whom I was missing? How did she know?  Apparently she can tell by my eyes. It completely took me off guard. She called me beautiful which in turn sent me into a fit of giggles. If I am beautiful, God Bless her soul, she is something far beyond that. This woman who sat beside her husband of 54 years, wearing the most endearing smile and a cross atop her chest, told me never to lose my faith in God. And if I have faith in God, I can’t go wrong. Not her God, or my God, but Our God. The respect and conviction she spoke with left me speechless and awestricken.

At the end of the dinner she took a paper plate, scrawled something on top of it and handed it to me. It was her phone number. I am now welcome to visit them anytime when I am homesick and now they are my grandparents as well. I feel so blessed to come across such wonderful beings, mA. I only pray God continues to bless their marriage, family, and allow them ease as Tom aids Cecile while she struggles with her cane. Alhamdulillah, what a day!

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