Anonymous: hi there! where do your jumper/sweaters from?

Forever21, H&M, and random thrift stores hahaha 

Slowly getting tired of people. Day by day, I am closing off to those that don’t add any value to my life - they are a waste of my time. Sometimes, I feel like that makes me really selfish. But honestly, it’s me trying to get my priorities straight. I have my close friends, and I don’t need the formal side conversations. Half of it ends up being gossip which is so unnecessary.

If picking on other people is your way of starting a conversation with me. Lol. I’m not going to have much to say.

Having said that I am still open to anyone and everyone that needs genuine help - but if your emergency is something that concerns malicious rumors…IMMAWHOOPYOUUPSIDEYOHEAD.

Lol, the hell you take me for? G’bye.

lol I hate this staff.