Most people wake up 2hrs early to study, or get dressed, or do chores. I wake up ‘cause I need 2hrs to convince myself to get out of bed. 

idk why desis even bother w/ biodatas & Just send the brotha yo IG/twitter/tumblr. Everything you need to know is there.

Follow me so I know its real. Through follow or unfollow - we will always be together <3 

Stop romanticizing people who hurt you.
― Six Word Story #48 by absentions (via ohfairies)

I value the relationships where despite our past history - however harsh and rocky - we are still there for each other at the end of the day. Where we are able to set aside our own pride and ego to help one another out. We run back every mile that was forged between us; to be there, to support, to comfort, to listen, to advise.

That’s friendship. That’s family. That’s love. That’s priceless.

I hate when people decide things for me. You can’t make decisions for me. You can’t. I am stubborn first and foremost. And I won’t budge unless I come to terms with it myself. You can’t decide for me because then it has no value to me. I live by my own terms. No one else’s. 

Help me understand your point of view. And even then if I don’t agree with you, respect that, as I will respect what you have to say/feel. But don’t shove it down my throat like that’s the final say.

You know. All this time I thought my mom was buying me all these pretty outfits ‘cause she loved me. In actuality she just wants to dress me up to show off to the desi aunties and dangle me in front of them like bait like whose son is gonna marry Jahanaraaaaaaaaaa?

-__- Brown moms, I swear. 

You will be with who you love.
― Prophet Muhammed (via hadeiadel)